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Friday, December 2, 2011

Arabic Calligraphy ..~

It's beautiful .. Did you ever see an Arabian person writing some words by using Arabic calligraphy .? You've got to see that if you didn't. Because the way his hand moves would put you in an intense shock =). I used to smile and sometimes laugh when I sit right beside my brother and see him does the calligraphy. I totally don't know why but it feels like someone tickles me and tries to make me laugh ( lool ). I used to, that's not anymore. When I became around 13 year old, this talent ( thank god ) started to step in inside my hands and ever since then I was overly practicing and working on it. The fact is, I haven't made my hands the same as my brother's but I might say that I've got about 55% of this calligraphy thing =). Here is something a little bit weird, my parents aren't at all good at writing. Actually my mom doesn't even know how to write and my dad isn't any good at it, but all my brothers and sisters are talented at writing. Considering the fact of being in quite different levels. So yeah I'm going to show you guys what the Arabic calligraphy is, which will be a very quick and simple content indeed. I mean I'm not good enough yet, plus I'm going to let you  have an idea about what I know. That tells you there are a lot of things about this subject I'm not capable of holding for now =). Arabic calligraphy has tens of fonts and each one has a specific name. I will post six of them that have the maximum fame and familiarity and give you what each has in particular. The word that I will be using to show you these fonts is Ahmad ( أحمد ) and you know whose name that is. Shall I ;) ::

1 \ النسخ or Alnaskh ::

This is the most celebrated and popular font around, and its used very commonly in everywhere. In cellphones, education, newspapers and in any other formal matters. I could say 90 percent of your computer printouts ( sent and received ) would be by this font. Notice that it doesn't have to be exactly identical of this picture. There might be some subtly different angles or widths which would make it not that different =). There's a little thing I didn't mention above, that's some Arabic fonts have many ways to write under the same name. More explanation for that I'm going to write at the end of this post. 

2 \  الرقعة or Alroqa'a  ::

That's the best of the best to me guys .. I usually use this font whenever I have to write. its one of these fonts that would perfectly go smooth with your fingers. One of its features is you could write as fast as you can and it doesn't at all have any arduous slants ( to me .. I said that already  ^_^ ).

3 \ الكوفي or Alkofi ::

Sorry people, I couldn't make my hands any better on this paper =). This is not the kind of fonts that is widely used. It's rare, very rare times to me actually to see some papers written by this one. Probably this would theorize why I'm not that good at it.Another point is I don't really like it ( no hard feelings ) XD.

4 \ الحر or Alhur :: 

It's a cool one =). When I see this font, the only thing I remember is my hilarious witty niece. This font is actually a snap to use. Its not that customary for you to use it in formal papers though. 

5 \ الفارسي or Alfarsi :: 

A very decent raw attractive font. If you guys have recognized how suitable this font is with the decorations around. I'm not saying the other fonts cannot be suitable enough, not at all. What I'm saying is this font lets you not to spend a lot of seconds wondering about where the prominent spots are for those decorations. 

6 \ الديواني or Aldiewani :: 

I noticed a little difference between the first two pictures so I posted them all =). The last one is ( Abdulrahman ), my best friend's name. I would say this is the most daunting and challenging font ever. I mean this font needs a real talented hand not like mine. I would do better than that if I practiced a lot before (^_^). Me I totally admire this one and I often use it to impress people. Because its really impressive. To me too =)
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

I guess I'm through now =). I really enjoyed posting all of that. About the thing I've told you that I would explain in the first font. I believe it would be a lot easier to do it graphically =). The first font could be written as in the following picture :: 

This font is named the same as the first one, they are both Alnaskh. But as you can see they are not typically the same. Why is that .? Because the lines of these two fonts are somehow connected to each other. The way my hand moves to write them isn't at all different. 

Take this as another example :: 

Are you catching on now. Hope so (^_^). Before I tell you what this one is, haven't you spotted any, any similarities between this font and one of the above .? That didn't really work out XD. It's Alroqa'a guys. I completely believe this one should be named Alroqa'a too. As I told you the way this font slants and the angles are somehow not different from that one. But as it looks, its a bit different. 
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 

Now, as far as I know I'm officially done ( loool ). I really hope you guys liked everything in there (^_^). If you think what you just saw is great, then I'm pretty sure that you would say its nothing compared to my brother's calligraphy. He's a serious shot ( oh yeah XD ). Alright, That is it.

- don't forget your Mashallah with you.