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Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's All About Smile, Hope and Love

Smile and Smile :: What mysterious and staggering codes are in your smile you don't know about, and which can be discovered only by your self. Your smile can do a lot more than you expect, always. Your smile ( again ) has codes .! I don't want you to forget that. Codes I mentioned deactivate any kind of situation your are going to be through. Alright, How many times did you feel like you have no attitudes at all in a certain case .? a lot .? Oh yeah, if you smiled in that case, do you know that everything would've changed .? including you . You will be feeling this gorgeous satisfaction is coming along with each part of your body. You will be feeling different. Isn't the reason of making people happy and cheerful good enough to squeeze your face muscles a little bit  and smile =). Believe me, your smile oughta to count for something. Remember, circumstances may differ, but there is only one smile. Your smile .!  

Smile and Hope :: Let's just say hypothetically there is this person who actually doesn't look for a particular thing to achieve or to have, here's the question :: do you think there could be something really fascinating in his or her life which would have you to say good, not even great or awesome just good .? I personally and deeply find establishing hopes no matter what these hopes are is the ( blanca ) flavour of our lives. As what they say : where there's a hope, there's a life! I definitely agree. Yeah I know having nothing to do sometimes makes you feel overjoyed, but believe me if that vacuum goes any longer than it should be, lots of faces would feel sorry for you. Time's running fast and you will be for sure one of these faces. I'm terribly trying to get my hopes done as soon as possible =). I know its hard, but its worth it! 

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saudi Arabia, My Country Part I

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia .. It's my country .. Its where I belong and its 50% of my life .. I'd like to enlighten people who go over this page about what my Saudi Arabia is =) .. Before that,  would it be a problem if I write my thoughts down as points ( no its fine go on ) , yeah thanks alright ::
  • it’s located in the middle east region .
  • its constitution based on the religion of Islam which most of people already know ;) .
  • its people speak the Arabic language and  I'd rather set this info out again as a Saudi Arabic ( Saudi secret ) .
  • its males wear the Arabian traditional clothes ( Thoob and Shema'a )  .
  • its females wear what females wear ( that was easy ) .
  • its the biggest oil producer in the world and that's what everyone says when I ask them about my country 
  • the majority of people are normal financially .. there is a lot wealthy and there is a lot poor . 
  • it consists of 104 cities, the capital is Al-Riyadh .
  • we love rice , we love cars , we love school ( its a joke ) .
yeah I guess that's it .. You guys found that a total geographic class ( yucky ).. yeah .? well, I've got to say that's really too general, and I'm willing to step along every point of these in the next parts. I hope that I could make it soon because I really want to. Let me hope so. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Little Cudish Cat =)

You know what it feels like when you profoundly get used to something. Alright, I used to make fun of all people I see who have such a sweet dog or cat. I used to say ( what the heck ) with a great passion of feeling sorry for them. Now guess what .? I'm one of them .. ( what the heck ). Alright umm, how is that .? its just I'm one of them.. Period. I fell in love as what anyone around would notice with a very dandy white-brown hair feline pet .I haven't thought for even a once that I would like it like that much. But it just happened, and I really cannot from now on to be apart from her for a long time like one or two days ( long time and two days .. Really.! ) . Oh yeah, her names Yoni and Yoni is one of the celebrated chinese actresses I totally don't know about. Its true guys, I just let my sis take a name for her and she had her at Yoni which is by the way nice ( zero courtesy ). Yoni Yoni, I love it . You just guys don't ever heck something,  you have seen what just happened and who knows if you are going to be in the identical spot right after me. I'm just saying !!!