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Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's All About Smile, Hope and Love

Smile and Smile :: What mysterious and staggering codes are in your smile you don't know about, and which can be discovered only by your self. Your smile can do a lot more than you expect, always. Your smile ( again ) has codes .! I don't want you to forget that. Codes I mentioned deactivate any kind of situation your are going to be through. Alright, How many times did you feel like you have no attitudes at all in a certain case .? a lot .? Oh yeah, if you smiled in that case, do you know that everything would've changed .? including you . You will be feeling this gorgeous satisfaction is coming along with each part of your body. You will be feeling different. Isn't the reason of making people happy and cheerful good enough to squeeze your face muscles a little bit  and smile =). Believe me, your smile oughta to count for something. Remember, circumstances may differ, but there is only one smile. Your smile .!  

Smile and Hope :: Let's just say hypothetically there is this person who actually doesn't look for a particular thing to achieve or to have, here's the question :: do you think there could be something really fascinating in his or her life which would have you to say good, not even great or awesome just good .? I personally and deeply find establishing hopes no matter what these hopes are is the ( blanca ) flavour of our lives. As what they say : where there's a hope, there's a life! I definitely agree. Yeah I know having nothing to do sometimes makes you feel overjoyed, but believe me if that vacuum goes any longer than it should be, lots of faces would feel sorry for you. Time's running fast and you will be for sure one of these faces. I'm terribly trying to get my hopes done as soon as possible =). I know its hard, but its worth it! 


  1. Masha Allah! love it! :D till now this is my favorite post, you're totally right about smiling and about hope :') beautiful text :D keep it up!! :D wonderful thoughts, also feelings :)

  2. Thaaanks a looot sis ^_^ .. you dont know how much i appreciate that =) .

  3. You're very welcome brother :)