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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saudi Arabia, My Country Part I

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia .. It's my country .. Its where I belong and its 50% of my life .. I'd like to enlighten people who go over this page about what my Saudi Arabia is =) .. Before that,  would it be a problem if I write my thoughts down as points ( no its fine go on ) , yeah thanks alright ::
  • it’s located in the middle east region .
  • its constitution based on the religion of Islam which most of people already know ;) .
  • its people speak the Arabic language and  I'd rather set this info out again as a Saudi Arabic ( Saudi secret ) .
  • its males wear the Arabian traditional clothes ( Thoob and Shema'a )  .
  • its females wear what females wear ( that was easy ) .
  • its the biggest oil producer in the world and that's what everyone says when I ask them about my country 
  • the majority of people are normal financially .. there is a lot wealthy and there is a lot poor . 
  • it consists of 104 cities, the capital is Al-Riyadh .
  • we love rice , we love cars , we love school ( its a joke ) .
yeah I guess that's it .. You guys found that a total geographic class ( yucky ).. yeah .? well, I've got to say that's really too general, and I'm willing to step along every point of these in the next parts. I hope that I could make it soon because I really want to. Let me hope so. 

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  1. Masha Allah! you love your country sooooo much :D and it seems to be a nice place by the way :)