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Friday, November 11, 2011

My Little Cudish Cat =)

You know what it feels like when you profoundly get used to something. Alright, I used to make fun of all people I see who have such a sweet dog or cat. I used to say ( what the heck ) with a great passion of feeling sorry for them. Now guess what .? I'm one of them .. ( what the heck ). Alright umm, how is that .? its just I'm one of them.. Period. I fell in love as what anyone around would notice with a very dandy white-brown hair feline pet .I haven't thought for even a once that I would like it like that much. But it just happened, and I really cannot from now on to be apart from her for a long time like one or two days ( long time and two days .. Really.! ) . Oh yeah, her names Yoni and Yoni is one of the celebrated chinese actresses I totally don't know about. Its true guys, I just let my sis take a name for her and she had her at Yoni which is by the way nice ( zero courtesy ). Yoni Yoni, I love it . You just guys don't ever heck something,  you have seen what just happened and who knows if you are going to be in the identical spot right after me. I'm just saying !!!

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  1. I LOVE YOUR CAT!!!! :D It's really beautiful :'D <3