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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thing I Hate

How could a person possibly tolerate laughing at someone who just can get nothing but embarrassed. I've seen dozens upon dozens of these kind of people .. Especially when I was in high school, I really cant even look at that guy who has been fooled by some jerky rude hearts. Because honestly I usually get embarrassed too when I see certain faces become red .. I just hope if I could get people who do that the same pain as exactly they make to others. Being honest too, I've been many times right in the middle of these situations and I cant forget what happened for days and maybe months . I'm choosing this to be my first post, because its always been my first concern. People .. Be nice Please .

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  1. I know what you mean, that horrible feeling you get when you're having such an embarrasing moment and then people, not happy with your pain, they come to you and LAUGH IN YOUR FACE! how can they be so mean? May Allah forgive them and teach them with examples of life to be nice and understanding.